"I had been struggling with my weight since childhood, repeatedly gaining and losing weight, playing the yo-yo game with my diet and my health. Upon attending a seminar I decided to make a change. I began program with the intention and commitment to take back control of my life and my health. With that in mind, I worked my way towards a 70 lb, 65 ½ inch loss; going from a size 20 (pushing 22) into a size 8, almost 6. Throughout my journey on program I was able to get creative with the foods I was eating; learning about variety and preparation. This was instrumental in keeping eating fun and enjoyable, and staying on track. These were tools necessary for success in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle and ensuring that bad habits were replaced with healthy ones. During the times that were challenging, I reached out Phil who was extremely supportive and instrumental in keeping me on track. No matter how minimal my questions seemed to be, I always got more than expected with "tools" continuously being added to my new tool box. Without the support of Phil and this program, not only would I not be where I am now, but I never would have been able to permanently change my way of life and obtain the stability that I had long been seeking prior. I am pleased that I have finally been able to have control over my lifestyle and health in a way that has me win and be successful every day."
-Janet P

"Being obese, as it was noted on my medical papers during a physical, was alarming. It was becoming very apparent that my health had become an issue. Feeling out of breath while going up a flight of stairs and having to monitor my blood pressure was becoming routine. The psychological effects were also becoming apparent; feeling tired and depressed, not wanting to engage with family and friends left a feeling of isolation that became an everyday struggle.
Ultimately the decision to change my life occurred by chance...a visit to NY and an unexpected meeting with family friend gave me a glimpse of hope. I realized who he was...his 100+ pound weight loss was remarkable...he became my inspiration.
After attending an informational seminar given by Phil Angeles it became apparent that I was embracing and committing to changing my unhealthy lifestyle. The aggressive weight loss program was unique and very personalized. Phil, my practitioner, was supportive and was readily infusing tips and suggestions that made program easier. I received invaluable education on food and nutrition which became instrumental in learning about how and what to eat, when and when not to eat. I was also experiencing and practicing ways of replacing my bad habits with healthier ones. These new habits would eventually become innate and the key to my successful weight loss of 70 pounds and 54 inches. Thank you Phil, for supporting me with my endeavors. The success is not just measured in pounds and inches shed, but through the confidence gained and control I have over my new healthy lifestyle. I now believe there is no limit to what you can achieve with some perseverance and good guidance. Thank you for bringing this Unique Health back to my life and closer to home! I am forever grateful."
-Sandra C

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