I am so pleased with my results. I came to you in June of 2013 at 152 lbs. I didn't look heavy, at 5'7 I can carry that weight but I wasn't happy. I connected to you through an old colleague and after seeing her results I made a decision to make the change I needed to make. The choice seemed drastic but I can tell you and anyone who reads this it was the best decision I ever made.
I absolutely struggled initially with the changes to my diet but I kept in mind something you said to me, which was to stick to the program because it works and that you'd be there for me via phone or text 24/7, and you meant it and you kept your word. I am eternally grateful for the support and encouragement. You told me Cheating only hurts you and working hard at changing habits isn't easy.
Nothing compares to the results; 10 lbs. in 10 days, and then a few after that. To me what really changed was my perspective on the kinds of food I was choosing. You spent hours, literally hours with me talking about foods and combinations and the rationale behind all of the food choices you lined up for me on each 10 day session. I don't think I have ever met anyone who knew more about food and their metabolic properties in my life. The most interesting part and the part that validated your work and my effort was the way I felt. I slept better, I lost weight, my skin improved, my energy improved. I knew I had finally found the lifestyle change I needed. If I struggled you gave me a solution, incredibly helpful when my resolve waned.
I have had countless friends ask me what have I done to achieve the results they can't help but notice. I tell them in all honesty that I made this very important decision and commitment and I describe a very UNIQUE program that I follow with the help of my nutritional consultant, Phil. I tell them it is not a diet, it's a detox and lifestyle change. You do not go back to your old ways after you commit to 45 days with Phil, primarily because the old ways you ate don't make sense with your new point of view on food.
I repeated the cycle in November of 2013 because I had another goal in mind. At the end of a challenging holiday season I weighed in at 132 lbs., 4 pounds from the weight I was 22 years ago. I seriously never thought I'd get there but I did.
I sit here in January at 135 lbs., thrilled with my efforts. I don't have pictures but my size 10 pants are in a box and my size 6 pants are in rotation. I don't ever plan on getting to 152 again. I know this plan works, there's no doubt. If you can turn yourself over and be guided through the entire process you won't be sorry.

I was inspired to try the program when I saw my friend losing weight. It was unbelievable the amount of weight that she lost in such a short period of time. It seemed like every time I saw her she was getting smaller and smaller. I was also impressed with the fact that despite all of her weight loss that she always looked healthy. I finally had to ask her "What's your secret?" She invited me to accompany her and her sister to an orientation at Unique Health. I wasn't able to join her that weekend but a couple months later I attended an orientation. I thought that the orientation was not only very informative but it helped me to put things in focus and prospective. I started the program a week later with a goal of losing 20lbs.
First Session: The first three days were the hardest for me because I had to adjust to a new way of eating. I had a desire to eat food that I was used to eating, but I was never hungry and so this made it easier for me to maintain self-control. My coach was constantly in touch with me helping me along with any questions. After just five days into the first phase, I noticed a visible weight lost. When I came for my weigh-in I was shocked to see that I lost 13lbs and 16 inches.
Second session: I was happy to begin the second phase. I enjoyed the variety of food choices that I was given. I noticed in the second phase that I continued to lose weight and inches (mostly inches). My taste buds were improving and I was enjoying food in its natural state. My friends and co-workers started to notice the weight loss. Third Session: During the third session I was given even more food choices. However, I noticed that I was losing more weight than I had expected to lose and called my coach. He immediately adjusted my diet to stop the weight loss. In only a month, I had lost 16 lbs but more than 20 inches. I could not fit into any of my clothes and had to borrow some from my friends.
Fourth Session: I started the fourth phase. This phase was designed to tighten the skin from the weight that I had lost in the third phase. It was a nice finish to the program. I also lost a few more pounds as well as inches. I am happy to say that I lost my goal weight plus more inches that I could have ever imagine. In the past, I had lost weight but I had to exercise a lot to tighten my skin. I never had issues with loose skin on the program.
I believe that starting the program was a great way to help me to detox my mind and body and allowed me to get a jump start on a better way of eating. I appreciated the support of my coach. He was always available (until 12 midnight and sometimes later) while I was on program. This support was important to me because it made me to feel like I had someone that was working with me to help me to stick to my goal.
Thank you,
A Very Happy and Satisfied Client

I started the program back in 2010 after I had a very bad miscarriage. I had an ectopic pregnancy that went undiagnosed and eventually bursted my left Fallopian tube. After emergency surgery and a week long hospital stay , I was told that because of my age (I was 38 at the time) and the loss of my tube it was highly unlikely I would be able to have a child without the help of IVF. I felt horrible. Not only mentally, but physically I was a mess. I felt i had so much going on and so much junk pumped in me, I felt like a swollen puffy mess. My sisters suggested I try the program and get cleaned out. So off I went to meet with Phil, got my balls on and started. Within the month I felt great. Lost about 25 pounds and a lot of inches. Had the follow up with my Dr. She confirmed my blood counts was almost in the normal range which has been a almost never for me, being anemic. I told her about the program, and her words were "whatever you are doing keep doing it". She then scheduled me out a month for another round of tests to see if there was any damage to my right Fallopian tube. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my son Levi. I fully believe it was due to the program that I was able to naturally conceive my son. I would encourage anyone who is trying to get pregnant and is having difficulty, or needs to drop some weight before embarking on pregnancy to get on the Program. Trust me you won't regret it. I know I didn't. Now I'm back on the program post pregnancy and I'm seeing once again amazing results. Who knows maybe I will try to get Levi a brother or sister once I'm done.
-Tracy Wiggins

I really appreciate Unique Health for helping me feel better about myself. It was definitely worth the time and effort. I love the way I look and feel. If asked- "Would I do this again?" – I would yell, YES! Phil and his team are great, very supportive; not only in your strong areas, even your weakest. They're only a phone call, text or vox away. Keep up the good work in helping others feel better about themselves.
-Towanda (Lost 24 pounds and 18 inches)
Unique Health is really the best health program and cleanse/detox empowerment plan ever and the only program of many tried that helped me to loose the weight I needed to loose but had difficulty doing so on my own. Phil Angeles is an extremely caring and professional coach 24/7! He is passionate about helping people reach their goals. No gimmicks here! He teaches a no nonsense approach. Affordable and results-based, I found the package with Phil and the individualized food choices exceeded my outcome expectations quickly. Without any hesitation, I recommend it highly to clients, family and friends.
I feel fortunate that I met Phil through a meditation student of mine. As she came to weekly classes, she would appear transformed every week (the meditation didn't hurt either!). I could not believe my eyes. She finally reached her goal and lost over 100 lbs in less than 8 months. She looked happy, healthy and reported feeling more energy and better sleep. I had to find out what this was about and asked her what she was doing and how to learn about the program. When I heard Phil Angeles present the plan, I felt I could manage it better than with other plans I tried. I had tried plans where counting calories and points was critical but those plans didn't work beyond just a few pounds as I would tire of the labor involved. This plan is easier and doable for busy folks. Phil will teach you how to loose weight and keep it off and design eating plans and then coach and support you step by step! I reached my goals and feel great and you can too. Good luck to those of you who will embark upon this worthwhile health journey.
-Ann M. Porto, Psy.D
I started my journey with Unique Health on May 20, 2013.
I thought I was starting a "diet", but 5 months, 38lbs, and a solid 6 dress sizes (sometimes 8 dress sizes) smaller I realized that I had started a new way of life.
Unique Health provided me with tools I needed to commit myself to eating healthy foods in the right combinations at the right time. Unique Health staff were always available to answer any question or offer advice.
It has been 4 months since I completed the maintenance session. Sticking to the strategies I learned on program, I have been successful in maintaining my weight loss goal.
Making the decision to start the Unique Health program really made a difference in my life.