WHO are we?

Unique health is a wellness company that focuses on detoxing the body of preservatives, additives, growth hormones and appetite stimulants. The results of which can be used for improving general health and/or aggressive weight loss. An important part of eliminating these toxins is accomplished through "Clean Eating". Clean eating also provides the proper nutrition to fully revitalize the body. Unique Health is made up of a team of dedicated practitioners and staff to support you during this process. Our team is well rounded in various fields including nutrition, education, culinary arts, strategic food planning, psychology and coaching.

WHAT are the benefits?

There are several benefits to eliminating toxins from the body while revitalizing it. Improved general health is inclusive of: sleeping better, renewing the digestive system, rejuvenating skin, hair and nail strengthening, and mood enhancement. Aggressive weight loss includes all of the above plus: metabolism boosting, appetite suppression, and stomach shrinking. Our Aggressive weight loss program also incorporates a system of habit replacement and second nature habit building. This ensures that our clients have the tools they need to maintain their results after successfully completing our program.

HOW does the program work?

Unique Health's style of "Clean Eating" is utilized to achieve its many different results. This style includes eating: honey, fresh fruit, vegetables, whole organic milk, eggs, nuts, and fish while eliminating processed foods. An ancient but unique method is also utilized for hunger suppression and consistent stimulation of the metabolism. Throughout the course of the program we work on habit replacement and the development of second nature habits. Various aspects of food and nutritional education are implemented for our clients' overall success. The knowledge and habits acquired on program have an infinite impact on your lifestyle. Habit replacement and food education result in a changed relationship with food.

WHEN are we available?

Unique Health's methods of "Clean Eating", habit replacement, and second nature habit building are practiced throughout the year. Unique Health's methodology is designed to create lifestyle changes which can be incorporated under many circumstances such as: day to day life, various work schedules, special events, and vacation getaways. Your health practitioner and Unique Health staff is available 365 days a year, providing on going support to clients, regardless of their schedule. Unique Health staff can be contacted to schedule a required informational seminar prior to embarking on a path to a Unique lifestyle.

WHERE are we located?

We currently have two locations serving the greater New York area and Rhode Island.

WHY should I?

Have a look at our success stories!